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Bloggers For Europe is a group blog covering the second Lisbon referendum in Ireland. It was set up by bloggers from throughout the country who felt that there was a need for a more organised online presence from pro-Lisbon activists, and decided to create a one-stop-shop for news and commentary. Although we're all looking to secure a Yes vote in the referendum, we still hope to provide enough news and debate to make the blog a worthwhile destination for anyone who's interested in Lisbon and the campaigns surrounding it.

Blogger Bios:

Owen Rooney

In his spare time from running Bloggers for Europe, Owen sits in the offices of Ireland for Europe and drinks coffee (occasionally he does a bit of work, but mostly it's a matter of drinking coffee and looking busy). He also blogs at Conduct Unbecoming, where he posts up 3000 word essays on obscure political topics once every couple of months, which are then read by approximately 3 people.

Jason O'Mahony

Jason O'Mahony works in the construction industry, and blogs in the evenings to avoid the temptation of planning the brutal but amusing murders of F Grade celebrities who are less well known than your local butcher but are on the telly. He wrote The Spoofer's Guide to the Lisbon Treaty, and once ran for the Progressive Democrats, where he resided on the non-highly polished Doc Martens wing of the party. He does not really regard himself as a blogger, but throws up stuff occasionally on where it is read by lonely Norwegian fishermen  named Lars and, bizarrely, Dutch grandmothers.

Stephen Spillane

Stephen is from Ireland and in his 20s. He's been blogging for 4 years now at He mainly blogs about politics and once a year he goes Eurovision mad. He blogs about politics, both Irish and European as well as anything else political that grabs his attention across the world.

Hugh Hamill

Hugh lives in the wild west of Ireland.  A Software Engineer by trade, he has no background in politics and has never voted for Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael.  He is and will remain a passionate Irish and European citizen.

Conor Slowey

Conor is from the North of Ireland, and is a final year student of Law and Politics. He blogs about European politics over at, mainly covering the Brussels Bubble, with some detours through Irish, UK and German politics. He would describe himself as a blogger of a centre-left bent (politically; don't worry, his spine's fine).

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  1. Hi guys,

    EAPN Ireland produced a 3 minute motion graphic on the social side of Lisbon Treaty. It’s impartial, but we’d be really grateful if you’d give it a plug on your blog.




  2. You never asked the bloggers against Ganley

    People Korps and Barricade

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